The following philosophical principals and understandings guide the daily operations in all areas and activities of The Family Life Center

  • We believe in the ability of people to solver their own problems when given access to opportunities and resources.
  • We believe the resources within a community are adequate to initiate genuine renewal and redevelopment.
  • We devote ourselves to the discovery and mobilization of individual and community resources and capacities.
  • We believe in partnership and collaboration, therefore we hold all of the resources at our disposal with an open hand.
  • We believe that our walk with God will always lead us into the community around us.
  • We believe that charity must be replaced by compassionate community building as a basic strategy.
  • We believe the public, private and faith-based organizations of a city must all play important roles in community development.
  • We believe it is better to teach a man to fish rather than to give him a fish, but best of all is "pond ownership".